Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Minimum Charge

There is a one-hour minimum charge for all jobs.

Why is there a minimum charge

Have a one-hour minimum allows us to provide you with excellent service and not charge a call out fee.

What if the job takes less than one hour

We encourage you to use the time left over to ask our technician about any other issues you may be having or for any other information you would like to know.

What if the job takes more than one hour

Most issues can be completed within one hour, however, should the job take longer additional time will be billed in 15 minute blocks thereafter, $30 per 15 minutes.

No Fix, No Fee.

Our promise to you is that if we cannot fix your problem we will not charge you for time spent. Terms and Conditions Apply, see the Full Terms and Conditions on the FAQ Page below.

Why are there different support methods

Depending on your particular issue it may work out cheaper for you to elect for remote or drop off support. Some tasks take a large amount of time to complete and if a technician is required to sit in front of your computer the whole time this will extend the number of hours billed. If the technician can log in remotely or work on your machine in our office we can check back in while still working on other jobs and only bill you for the time spent actually working on your issue.

Which support method is right for me

This depends on the particular issue you are having and our friendly staff will be more than happy to discuss with you the best method of solving your issue without it costing the earth.

How long will it take if I drop off my computer

Depending on your particular issue we may be able to resolve your issue the same day, other issues take more investigation and will take longer to fix. Contact us to find out how long we expect we will need for your issue.

How do I check the progress of my job

We will register you in our Client Portal when you engage us for support.
You can login to the Client Portal (via the top menu), then access the service desk to see all current and past jobs.
Or feel free to give us a call.

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