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Internet Unstable?

by | Mar 26, 2018 | #internet, 1 Minute Read | 0 comments


Do you have a backup plan for when your internet goes offline?
We do!

How much does it cost your business every hour your internet is offline, can you still function at all? With today’s heavy reliance on the internet and staying connected can you afford to be offline for hours or even days? Do you go into panic mode every time the internet drops out?

We have partnered with Fusion Broadband to provide you with the ultimate solution to your internet outage issues.

Imagine being on a VOIP call and the internet drops out just as you were closing a sale or helping a client navigate your website and you are unable to contact them for several hours. Does this help your business?

Now imagine you have your primary internet connection bonded to a mobile data service that can switch over in 300ms. That’s fast enough that your VOIP call will continue uninterrupted or your potential customer on your web store won’t even know your internet went offline.

Not only does a bonded internet connection improve the stability of your internet by giving you multiple ways to access the internet and provide multiple ways for your clients to access your services it can also provide you with faster internet connectivity. Imagine the possibilities with multiple NBN connections acting as one logical connection. A Fusion Bonded service isn’t limited to just NBN and Mobile data either, contact us to see how we can stabilise your internet.

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